It’s finally cool to be smart. The television show Scorpion — another show about geniuses, this one packed full of them! — debuted on Monday night, and CBS re-ran the pilot episode last night. After the Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Sherlock Holmes, Person of Interest and Numbers, I was ready for more, and Scorpion delivered something different. The cool factor.

The idea of a group of geniuses — one a computer genius who is the 4th smartest person in the world, another a mechanical genius, a statistics genius and a psychological genius — teaming up with an “average woman” whose role is to humanize them (in turn they will help her understand her genius son) to work with Homeland Security to help save the world, while seeming pretty pat, is, in my view, inspirational.

I love that the show is based on Walter O’Brien, who wrote an algorithm that tracked motion on all the cameras within a two-mile radius of the Boston Marathon blast and helped find the bomber by demonstrating that his facial expression did not change after the bombs went off. The events in the beginning of the episode—his home in Ireland being raided by authorities after he hacked into NASA’s computer system at the age of 13—are true. He now runs the successful computer security firm, Scorpion Computer Services.

I hope they minimize the “we’re so smart we don’t tap into our emotions” vibe in later episodes. Sheldon Cooper gives us enough of that. Why can’t someone be super-smart, eccentric, march to the beat of a different drum, and also emotionally capable of warmth and love? Leonard Hofstadter can, so let’s see some of that, Scorpion writers.

The Scorpion gang are clearly cool nerds, and I hope that will resonate with teenagers. Solving world problems is a powerful theme on television, and there is no shortage of crime-fighters and problem-solvers. So many of those characters admirably work to save the world, but ultimately the action involves guns and violence. I mean you Homeland, NCIS and its spinoffs. It’s nice to see a show where the saving is done with brain power and not gun powder.

The pilot episode of Scorpion had one of the most exciting action chase scenes — involving an airplane flying over a Ferrarri — that I’ve ever seen, and it did not involve a gun. Cool. Smart. Non-violent. Successful. Kudos.

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