I saw a shootout once, and will never use the New York City subway again.

I understand that some people want to own guns to hunt, or to protect themselves and their families. It is a second amendment right, and I accept that.

But let’s have some common sense and amend our laws so that gun owners have to have training before they can buy a gun, pass an ability and safety test like we do to obtain a driver’s license, and be screened so that people with a criminal record or mental illness cannot buy guns.

I don’t know anything about the politics of the issue, the relationship between the NRA lobby and members of Congress. I don’t care about all of that. For me, it’s simple.

As an American I want to have the right to walk down the street or on a subway platform or into a church, school, mall, movie theatre or college and not be shot at by a person who should never have been able to obtain a gun in the first place.

Apparently I don’t have that right. The crazed gunmen who have been shooting up our public places have more rights than I do in my simple desire to live my everyday life without being in danger of gun violence.

It’s not complicated, if you think about it. Don’t take away the second amendment. Enact strict gun control laws. Everybody wins.